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Puffins, murres and guillemots are all members of the alcid family. Alcids, also known as auks, are pelagic seabirds that spend much of their time out on the ocean, in some cases returning to shore only to breed and nest. In this habitat you may see horned puffins, tufted puffins, pigeon guillemots and common murres.

Seabird Nesting Facts:

  • During breeding season, seabirds such as these return to land and form large colonies made up of many different species on steep coastal cliffs.
  • The seabirds form monogamous pairs that produce one to two eggs each breeding season.
  • Nesting varies by species. Tufted puffins prefer steep, grassy slopes suitable for burrowing, while horned puffins nest in rocky crevices or burrow into the soil.
  • Pigeon guillemots nest in crevices, caves or among rocks. Common murres lay their eggs directly on rocks with no nesting material.
  • The animals in our exhibit choose from a variety of nest burrows in the rock décor (images below).

Each burrow has a nest box that is accessible from the Animal Care Space behind the habitat where nesting animals, eggs, and chicks can be closely monitored by animal care and veterinary staff. These cameras provide an alternative view into the puffin nest for closer monitoring.

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