Shark Week 2018

Each year, Shark Week shines a light on one of our ocean's most vital inhabitants. There are more than 500 species of sharks living in our oceans, and each one plays a pivotal role in maintaining our oceans' overall health. Without sharks, the balance of ecosystems across the world could suffer.

Since 2004, Georgia Aquarium's field research focused on the many whale sharks that visit the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. By using satellite tags, aerial surveys and photo identification software, Georgia Aquarium and its partners have studied and tracked over 1,000 whale sharks known to visit the Yucatan peninsula every summer. The future focus for field research will be to explore connections to populations of whale sharks found in more remote places on Earth.

Georgia Aquarium has also partnered with the Southeast Zoo Alliance for Reproduction and Conservation (SEZARC) and multiple other institutions to study the iconic sand tiger shark species and their reproductive habits.

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Shark Week 2018 Content:
Zebra Shark Pup Feeding
"Shark Tank Meets Shark Week" Teaser
"Shark Tank Meets Shark Week" Shark Tracker
Good Morning America Live Segment

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