Summer Camp H2O

While engaged in fun and exciting activities, campers will explore the wondrous ocean world all within the walls of Georgia Aquarium. Included are  all Aquarium galleries and presentations (camp theme repeats every week).

Camp Pricing:
- Members: $324.95/week
- Non-Member: $360.95/week

Week of July 2, 2018
- Members: $259.95/week
- Non-Member: $288.95/week  

Please complete one registration form per camper, prior to attending camp.

Programming questions?
Email us at

For all other questions, please call 404-581-4000. Georgia Aquarium reserves the right to cancel, change, or alter any program due to attendance.

Dates of Operation:
- Week of June 4, 2018
- Week of June 11, 2018
- Week of June 18, 2018
- Week of June 25, 2018
- Week of July 2, 2018
- Week of July 9, 2018
- Week of July 16, 2018
- Week of July 23, 2018

Camp Themes:

Investi-gators! (5yrs - 7 yrs)
Become a detective and discover the mysteries of how animals survive, what makes them unique and ways you too can help them in their natural habitats. Investigate the differences between puffins and penguins, dolphins and whales and rays and sharks. Hands-on educational activities will teach you how to upcycle trash into beautiful art, why our penguins wear bracelets and how mysterious, underwater volcanoes work. Don't forget to bring your magnifying glass and scientific journal. We'll see you later, investi-gator!

Expedition: Exploration (8yrs - 10yrs)
Set out on an adventure exploring river systems like Lewis and Clark, roaming through the tropical sunlit waters like Juan Ponce de Leon, and sailing the open ocean like Christopher Columbus. Learn the basics of navigation and the different methods we use to explore today. Have you ever wondered why a compass always points North? Or if sea monsters really exist? Find the answers to these questions and more during a week of adventure as we explore the vast ocean, and make the unknown known!

Note: This camp is not available June 18-22

Chasing Conservation (10yrs - 12 yrs)
Documentaries are important tools that give scientists a voice about conservation. The coastal birds, sharks, beluga whales, corals and manta rays here at Georgia Aquarium become the stars of the show as campers focus on the conservation and research of these amazing species. Engage and share the positive impacts Georgia Aquarium's efforts are having on our one world ocean. Campers will expand their interview and presentation skills; exp rience team building and dig into research to create a public service announcement.

Note: This camp is not available July 9-13

STEAM Camp (12yrs - 13yrs)
Did you know we have dozens of careers here at Georgia Aquarium? Join us for an educational camp exploring and participating in hands-on activities that focus on science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Campers will have a chance to talk with experts, experiment with exhibit design and problem solve real life science. Together we will investigate different STEAM pathways to inspire campers to pursue one of these illustrious careers.

Note: Available dates June 18-22 and July 9-13

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