Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin

The ocean is a mirror - reflecting all the wonders and mysteries of life - and the deeper we look, the more we see ourselves. This fall, Georgia Aquarium, together with Litton Entertainment and Jeff Corwin, is taking the cameras around the world in an effort to fathom the ancient connections between life in the sea - and life on the rest of the planet. These exciting stories will be told each weekend on Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, an exciting new TV series which is part of Litton Entertainment’s Weekend Adventure, airing across the country on ABC-TV affiliates each Saturday morning.

World renowned conservationist and Emmy Award-winning TV personality Jeff Corwin is the host of Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin. Jeff’s passion and experience is a perfect match with that of the scientists, biologists, animal trainers and other experts at Georgia Aquarium. Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin features unique creatures, exotic locations and fascinating stories that quickly draw the whole family into the journeys that Jeff and the Georgia Aquarium team of experts take as they unlock the mysteries of the ocean.

With Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin and its important messages about conservation, ocean research and the importance of preserving aquatic life around the world, Georgia Aquarium hopes to inspire a passion within the next generation of scientists, researchers and marine biologists on their path toward a new era of conservation.

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