Grades 3-5 Instructor-Led Program

Hunger Games

All animals must eat to survive. Who will eat and who will get eaten? Join us as we examine life in a variety of ecosystems to explore predator/prey interactions and unique feeding adaptations that animals need to survive. We will end our journey with a discussion about the ecological impact of the predators at the top of the food chain: us!

  • Essential Questions
    --How do organisms vary in their traits?
    --What happens to organisms when their environment changes?
    --How do internal and external structures support the survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction of organisms?
  • Key Concepts
    --Habitats, features of organisms in Georgia, interdependent relationships in ecosystems, energy transfer in ecosystems, food web, natural selection, natural resources
  • Skills
    --Ask questions and seek to find answers, offer and consider reasoning, compare physical attributes, cause and effect

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