Pre-K Instructor-Led Program


Why can't a whale shark eat pizza? Can you breathe oxygen underwater? Come explore a diverse selection of habitats to discover where different plants and animals live and what they need to survive. Throughout our journey, we will predict, observe, and compare/contrast across habitats. Let's dive in!

*Note: programs within “Eco-Essentials” are tailored to be developmentally appropriate for each grade level. The Pre-K program route will be a shorter walking distance than the K-2 program. 

  • Essential Questions
    --What do plants and animals need to survive?
    --Where do animals live and why do they live there?
    --What are some ways plants and animals meet their needs so that they can survive and grow?
  • Key Concepts
    --Characteristics of living things, basic needs of living things, biodiversity, natural resources ​​
  • Skills
    --Ask questions, describe & compare using physical attributes, observe using senses, cause and effect

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