Experience a Closed-Circuit Rebreather with Whale Sharks

In conjunction with our renowned SCUBA program, Georgia Aquarium offers an hour-plus try-dive rebreather experience — no bubbles! Using some of the newest and most innovative rebreather equipment available, you’ll enjoy diving with majestic whale sharks, manta rays and other exotic species.

Please note:

To attend, you must provide proof of autonomous Open Water SCUBA certification from a nationally or internationally recognized organization.

Find this programs FAQ’s here.

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You'll Get To...

  • Dive with a Rebreather

    Rebreather tanks function differently than traditional gear, giving you extended gas endurance and a lack of bubbles.

  • Purchase a video after your experience

    You will have the option to purchase a 10-minute, well-edited HD video of your experience.

  • Get Lots of Dive Time

    Dive time for this experience is over an hour, giving you unprecedented tank time with whale sharks, rays and more.

See the Rebreather Program in Action

Swimming around all of the big animals is nothing short of magical. I had sensory overload looking at all of the sharks and rays. My dive was around 70 or so minutes.

calb0205 from Michigan TripAdvisor.com

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