Internship FAQ

Why intern at Georgia Aquarium?

The goal of the Georgia Aquarium internship experience is to support Aquarium departments and provide pre-professional, learning opportunities for individuals. Interns shadow and are mentored by seasoned staff under close supervision

Will I be contacted about the progress of my application/resume?

Due to the high volume of applicants, not all applicants are contacted. Please note most departments review applicants after the application deadline listed on the website and if interested, they will contact applicants for interviews 1-4 weeks after the deadline. For specific inquiries, please contact the department of interest via the email address provided online.

Will I be paid?

All internships at Georgia Aquarium, Inc. are unpaid. We do not provide housing, transportation or stipends for living expenses.

Is housing or transportation provided?

No. We do not provide housing, transportation or stipends for living expenses.

Is parking provided?

Yes. Upon taking Orientation, Interns are provided an access badge to gain free entry to the Georgia Aquarium parking deck during shifts.

Will this internship lead to a job?

Interns are trained alongside staff through learning experiences. As such, a paid position at Georgia Aquarium is not an outcome of an internship.

What benefits will I receive as an Intern?

Interns receive various discounts around Georgia Aquarium including the gift shop, Café Aquaria, general admission tickets, annual passes and interactive programs. Interns also receive free admission for themselves and parking during their internship. Upon satisfactory completion of their internship Interns are also eligible to receive additional benefits such as free admission tickets, animal encounters and more.

How many hours will I work? What would the schedule be?

All Georgia Aquarium Interns commit to at least 20 hours per week, but no more than 40 hours per week for 3 to 8 consecutive months. Exact hours vary according to the time of year, departmental schedule and the objectives of the program. Hours are determined during your interview or upon acceptance. Please check the website for specific weekly requirements as it varies by department.

Can I apply for more than one internship?

Yes. Applicants may apply for as many internships as they would like and are for which they are qualified. If selected for an internship, please notify other departments you may have interviewed with as a courtesy. Please only apply once a semester for each department.

Will late applications be accepted?

No. Please refer to the website for application deadlines and full requirements.

I am an international student; may I apply for the internship program?

Yes. International students are welcome to apply. However, Georgia Aquarium is unable to sponsor, sign or fund visas or other travel documentation. The applicant must secure a visa on their own without assistance from Georgia Aquarium and be able to pass a background check and drug screen. If accepted, Interns must secure their own housing and transportation.

I am in high school; may I apply for the internship program?

No. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. We encourage you to consider Georgia Aquarium’s Volunteer Program if you are 16+ years old. Click here to read more.

I am in graduate school or I just graduated college; may I apply for the internship program?

Yes. Graduate students or students who have recently graduated college are welcome to apply. This does not increase the likelihood of being selected.

Will I get to interact with any animals?

For the safety of our team and living collection, Interns typically do not have direct contact with our animals. However, there may be supervised opportunities where animal contact may occur.

Can I submit my resume early for the next application deadline?

You may submit your resume at any time before the application deadline, but this does not increase the likelihood of being selected. Keep your resume up-to-date so be sure to not send it too soon.

Can I get a paid job in another department at Georgia Aquarium while interning?

No. Georgia Aquarium policy prohibits employees from interning even with other departments. You can research paid job opportunities at Georgia Aquarium, Inc. by clicking here.

How can I apply for internships, jobs, or volunteer opportunities at Marineland Dolphin Adventure?

To be considered for opportunities at Marineland Dolphin Adventure, part of Georgia Aquarium, Inc. in St. Augustine, Florida, please visit the following links for internshipsvolunteering and careers

Can I volunteer at Georgia Aquarium during or after my internship?

Georgia Aquarium policy prohibits volunteering and holding an internship at the same time. After completing the internship, Interns are welcome to explore volunteer opportunities at Georgia Aquarium. Please note Interns are not guaranteed a volunteer position in the same department as Volunteers are placed as needed.

How can I get school credit for my internship?

Please see your professor, advisor or career counselor for specific details. You will need to obtain an instructor or professor from your school to oversee your internship and complete the necessary paperwork before your internship begins. You must notify your department you are interested in earning school credit prior to accepting the internship and the department must agree to all required paperwork. You will be responsible for completing all paperwork and assignments involved.

If I was selected for an internship, what are the next steps?

  • Georgia Aquarium’s Volunteer Programs Department will contact selected Interns via phone and email to complete various paperwork—background check, drug screen, internship offer letter and online registration.
  • When background check (approximately 2-3 weeks) and drug screen results return to Volunteer Programs Department, Interns are contacted to schedule an Orientation class and their first day.
  • Interns will receive the Georgia Aquarium Intern Guide and confirmation of Orientation class date.
  • Interns complete Orientation class on scheduled date.
  • Interns begin with their department following the agreed schedule.