Plant Engineering

Interns in the Plant Engineering department are responsible for the operation, care and upkeep of Georgia Aquarium’s buildings and building operational systems. Duties include monitoring all phases of Georgia Aquarium's several buildings in Atlanta, Georgia, shadowing qualified staff members, and assisting and learning how to maintain the systems and equipment. Interns will work with more senior aquarium Plant Engineering staff in providing a safe and healthy environment for our diverse aquatic animal collection, the guests and staff here at the aquarium. This internship position will frequently interface with other Zoological Operations staff including water quality lab technicians, life support service technicians, animal care & training staff, and other staff regarding building and environmental systems including HVAC, electrical equipment, lighting systems and fixtures, and many other systems and equipment.This will also include plumbing systems, from fire protection to restroom and kitchen water supplies and waste water management. This is an experienced-based unpaid internship. The intern will learn along side our staff to interact with the guests in the galleries and the staff as required. There is no academic credit offered for this internship​

Schedule: Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm
Minimum Required Hours per Week: 20

Intern Semester    Application Deadline Date    Semester Dates for Internship

Fall                             August 15th                                   September 1st to December 15th
Spring                        December 15th                             January 2nd to May 15th
Summer                    May 15th                                        June 1st to August 15th

Additional Application Requirements:

  • Majors in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Environmental Engineering required.
  • Experience in Windows computers required. Experience with Apple computers is a plus.
  • Experience with hand tools and some power tools.

Email resume to: Please use your name as the file name of your resume.

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