Watch Our Penguins Strut Their Stuff

The Penguin Waddle Walk has been temporarily suspended.

Don’t be surprised if you see a penguin waddling by the next time you visit Georgia Aquarium. Our trainers lead several African penguins on a daily stroll across the Aquarium’s main Atrium, giving guests the chance to see this amazing species up close — and giving the penguins an important form of enrichment. The Waddle Walk will teach you about the plight of this endangered species, the Aquarium’s preservation efforts and how we can help protect these beautiful birds.

You'll Get To...

  • Learn About Penguins

    The walk starts with a quick trainer-led info session with our “spokespenguin,” George Waddlesworth.

  • Watch Them Waddle

    Different penguins waddle on different days, three penguins typically march for about 10 minutes.

  • Take a Close-Up View

    When possible, trainers pick up the penguins so guests can get closer and take penguin pics.

A Sneak Peek at Waddle Walk

“Sometimes it’s a challenge to choose just three of them to go out there. There are a lot of birds who find it enriching to walk around and see all different kinds of people. They line up when it’s time to leave.”

Erin Morling Senior Penguin Trainer

Recent Waddle Walk Photos

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