It's Back & Better Than Ever

Your favorite Atlanta beer is back and brewing once again! Red Brick Brewing Co. and Georgia Aquarium are thrilled to continue their partnership by releasing the second rendition of Whale Shark Wheat— and proceeds go toward the Aquarium’s research and conservation efforts.

Red Brick Brewing Co., Atlanta’s oldest operating craft brewer, and Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, created an exclusive craft beer that brings attention to Georgia Aquarium’s marquee species, the endangered whale shark. Whale Shark Wheat is an American Wheat Ale with a bright, hoppy character. A portion of the proceeds from Whale Shark Wheat sales will go towards Georgia Aquarium’s vital research and conservation efforts.

Red Brick and Georgia Aquarium strive to create beer that both represents Atlanta in a unique way and highlights both organizations’ commitment to sustainability. This local partnership brings you the unique opportunity to enjoy a craft beer while also raising funds for conservation efforts. Whether you are in it for the ale or in it for the whale, you’re going to love this brew.

This limited-edition release is available on draft at Red Brick Brewery and on shelves in select stores. It’s also in  Café Aquaria at Georgia Aquarium.

Whale Shark Research Around the World

Georgia Aquarium has conducted international whale shark research around the world, including Mexico, the Galapagos Islands and St. Helena Island. In 2016, the global whale shark population as a whole moved from Vulnerable to Endangered on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. There is much to be learned about the world’s biggest fish. The Aquarium’s research has helped complete the mapping of the first whale shark DNA genome using blood drawn from whale sharks at Georgia Aquarium.

Animal Fact

Every whale shark has a unique spot pattern

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