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The secret recipe to legendary event experiences: Wolfgang Puck Catering has been the exclusive, proud catering partner for Georgia Aquarium since its’ opening in 2005.​

​Chef Wolfgang Puck has revolutionized the dining and events landscape with a singular focus: to exceed expectations whenever our guests gather for a meal.​

​Wolfgang Puck Catering is dedicated to sharing our passion for culinary innovation, uncompromising quality and genuine hospitality with our clients and guests.​

“There’s no substitute for passion and quality.” – Wolfgang Puck


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​Hallmarks of a signature Wolfgang Puck Catering event:​

  • Welcoming Warmth: Wolfgang Puck’s fundamental passion for hospitality sets the tone for our service.​
  • Hands-On: We deliver elevated guest experiences and provide a personal touch at every turn.​
  • Sophisticated and Innovative: We are trendsetters, the drive to continually evolve our craft is at the core of our culture.​
  • Forward-Thinking and Flexible: We strive to push the boundaries of food and beverage programming wherever possible.
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Chef Thomas, Executive Chef, Wolfgang Puck Catering at Georgia Aquarium

Born into an American Italian family, Chef Thomas’ passion early on through his family’s weekly rituals of gathering around massive amounts of food to “bond”. On any given Sunday morning, he could be found at his grandmothers feet watching and “helping” as she passionately prepared way too much food to keep a very loud family quiet for just 30 minutes a week!

Later on, finding this as the root cause of his attachment to a mostly hazardous and unforgiving career, he came to the conclusion to dedicate his lifetime towards sharing his own way of food with all those he possibly can in search of recreating these familiar moment with this grandmother,

In the past 28 years, Chef Thomas has gathered lifetimes worth of experiences, knowledge and passion towards culinary artistry and a passion for creating fantastic experiences for everyone he can. His culinary journey has seen him through just about every part of the USA, across the globe and back again.

He’s spent time over the stoves in practically every style of kitchen thus far, from trendy restaurants and local country clubs to the worlds leading luxury hotels, resorts, and casinos, including Marriott and Renaissance Hotels, Bellagio, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, an Westin to name a few… His most recent experience as the Corporate Executive Chef over the past 8 years with the RK Group in San Antonio, TX have allowed him the opportunities to develop many concepts, catered events and most recently an introduction into the personal estate chef world.

Now ready to take yet another step forward in his career, Chef Thomas will continue to share his professional skills, culinary experiences and passion in hopes to contribute his own piece towards an infinite future of great food and fantastic experiences for anyone to enjoy. In constant search to one day even find that feeling again, which he only found on those Sunday mornings dumbfounded in his grandmother’s kitchen.

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Seafood Watch

Wolfgang Puck Catering follows Seafood Watch conservation practices in sourcing and preparation.

Learn about the Seafood Savvy Program here.

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