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The secret recipe to legendary event experiences: Wolfgang Puck Catering has been the exclusive, proud catering partner for Georgia Aquarium since its’ opening in 2005.​

​Chef Wolfgang Puck has revolutionized the dining and events landscape with a singular focus: to exceed expectations whenever our guests gather for a meal.​

​Wolfgang Puck Catering is dedicated to sharing our passion for culinary innovation, uncompromising quality and genuine hospitality with our clients and guests.​



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​Hallmarks of a signature Wolfgang Puck Catering event:​

  • Welcoming Warmth: Wolfgang Puck’s fundamental passion for hospitality sets the tone for our service.​
  • Hands-On: We deliver elevated guest experiences and provide a personal touch at every turn.​
  • Sophisticated and Innovative: We are trendsetters, the drive to continually evolve our craft is at the core of our culture.​
  • Forward-Thinking and Flexible: We strive to push the boundaries of food and beverage programming wherever possible.
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There's no substitute for passion and quality."

Wolfgang Puck

Sensational Seasonal Menus

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Wolfgang Puck Catering creates masterpieces that suit our taste and the season. Plus, they have a dedicated kosher kitchen onsite and will customize menus when requested.


Seafood Watch

Wolfgang Puck Catering follows Seafood Watch conservation practices in sourcing and preparation.

Learn about the Seafood Savvy Program here.

“My grandmother and mother gave me the precious gift of wisdom by reminding me that loving, living and eating are inseparable, and the essence of life.”

Rose Roshan Martin

Chef Roshan Martin, Executive Chef, Wolfgang Puck Catering at Georgia Aquarium

Executive Chef Roshan Martin was fascinated by the art of food around the world at a very young age.

Chef Roshan grew up in Bangalore city, known as the “Silicon Valley of the East”, India. With a degree in hotel management, Roshan began his culinary career over 23 years ago, at the Taj Group of Hotels in Southern and Northern India.

As a child, Roshan viewed America as the greatest country and was fascinated by America’s big hotels with live music, fantastic food buffets, carved ice sculptures, movies and fast cars.

Roshan has been with Wolfgang Puck Catering since the late 1990s. Master chef Wolfgang Puck and his team of culinary leaders have been strong mentors to Roshan teaching him the art of innovation and exquisite presentation.

Roshan is currently the Executive Chef for WPC at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA, leading the culinary team at one of the organization’s largest operations.

From Roshan:
“My grandmother and mother gave me the precious gift of wisdom by reminding me that loving, living and eating are inseparable, and the essence of life.  I shall always remember my mother who poured all of her love and affection into food, who filled my life with sweet memories of delicacies and taught me many basic skills involved in cooking.”

Chef Roshan Martin Wolfgang Puck Catering

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