Sunglasses for a Cause

Georgia Aquarium is proud to partner with goodr sunglasses for the release of the newest aquatic themed shades. These limited edition “Give ‘Em Shell, Tank” sunnies were inspired by our resident green sea turtle at Georgia Aquarium, Tank!

Green sea turtles are threatened in the wild and are classified as an endangered species. The purchase of this product helps Georgia Aquarium continue to promote the conservation of aquatic biodiversity throughout the world. As a leader in aquatic research and exceptional animal care, we are dedicated to fostering a deeper appreciation for our ocean and the animals that call it home.

Did you know that the green sea turtle is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle in the world? They’re also the only herbivorous sea turtle species. They’re called “green” sea turtles because when they eat algae, their fat turns green. Georgia Aquarium’s green sea turtle, Tank weighs over 400 lbs.

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