Sunglasses for a Cause

Georgia Aquarium is proud to partner with goodr sunglasses for the release of their new shark-appreciation themed “These Frames Don’t Bite” sunglasses for a cause. These limited-edition sunglasses are made by goodr to help Georgia Aquarium promote the conservation of aquatic biodiversity throughout the world. As a leader in aquatic research and exceptional animal care, we are dedicated to fostering a deeper appreciation for our ocean and the animals that call it home and we are thrilled to partner with goodr who share these same values.

Sharks are incredible animals that predate the dinosaurs, play a vital role in the ecosystem, grow unlimited teeth and use a “sixth sense” (electroreceptor organs) to track prey. Largely misunderstood, sharks face more threats from humans than we do from them, with many species being endangered worldwide.

At Georgia Aquarium, you can observe over ten different species of sharks including the whale shark, sand tiger shark and the great hammerhead shark. Some of the most unique looking and recognizable sharks, great hammerheads have broad, flat heads that give them 360-degree vision, excellent depth perception, and a battering ram to pin down stingrays. But no need to be afraid, “These Frames Don’t Bite”!

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