Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Georgia Aquarium is proud to welcome guests of all abilities to enjoy our facility. We strive to be accessible for all members of our community and have implemented numerous changes to help us reach this goal. Below you will find steps we’ve already taken to make this possible. Check back here to see new initiatives as they are activated.

We encourage all guests with specific needs to review this page and plan in advance for your visit.

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  • For Guests with Mobility Needs
  • For Guests with Visual Needs
  • For Guests with Hearing Needs
  • Special Needs During Animal Encounters
  • For Guests on the Spectrum
  • Guests with Service Animals
  • Guests with Language Needs
  • Additional Accommodations

Georgia Aquarium Receives First Gold Certification from WheelChariot

Georgia Aquarium has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first Gold Certified organization recognized by WheelChariot, a pioneering platform dedicated to promoting accessibility for people with disabilities. This distinctive certification underscores the Aquarium’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity, making it a leading accessible destination in the Atlanta metro area.

WheelChariot is a local Georgia-based organization, founded by graduates from the Georgia Institute of Technology, whose focus is forming a more inclusive society where everyone has equal access to goods and services. WheelChariot’s platform provides businesses with the tools and insights needed to enhance accessibility and foster an environment of inclusion. By providing a unique opportunity for businesses to receive first-hand feedback, and engage with and learn from a vibrant community dedicated to improving accessibility; WheelChariot helps businesses, like Georgia Aquarium, improve their accommodations based on real user experiences.

Accessibility at Georgia Aquarium
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