Truist Small Business Initiative

Truist’s commitment to small business is about more than just helping small business owners manage their finances. We know that to truly build better communities, we must support those who work tirelessly to serve our neighbors with care, create jobs, and drive the economy.

That’s why Truist is proud to partner with the Georgia Aquarium to support local small businesses through the Surfacing Small Business section of the Georgia Aquarium gift shop. There you’ll find a selection of carefully curated items from local small businesses.

Items purchased from Surfacing Small Businesses will not only support small businesses, but Truist is proud to also donate $1 from each purchase to support the Georgia Aquarium’s conservation efforts, up to $10,000.

Truist is proud to care for those who care. Join us in celebrating small businesses at the Georgia Aquarium!

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Meet the Creator of Beautiful Briny Sea

Suzi Sheffield, a self-taught cook and veteran restaurateur founded Beautiful Briny Sea in 2010.  The dry goods company was born of her love for and appreciation of those who work with the land. Each and every ingredient in Beautiful Briny Sea’s salts, sugars, and other sundries is sourced and gathered with integrity: locally grown herbs, foraged mushrooms, organic spices and hand-harvested salts from around the world. With her creativity and years of experience in specialty foods, Suzi’s passion lies in creating uncommon and unexpected flavor profiles that lend exquisite flavor to all types of food and drink. In its thirteenth year of business, Beautiful Briny Sea can be found in retailers throughout the country and celebrates partnerships with chefs, farmers, artists and businesses large and small.

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