Caring About the Well-being of the World

In 2013, Georgia Aquarium announced a new initiative for the Aquarium’s future research and conservation goals: One Ocean, One Health.

The theme of One Ocean, One Health is based on the concept of One Health which states that all human, animal and environmental well-being is connected and that by working to improve these areas together, a healthier world can be established. Georgia Aquarium’s research and conservation department uses this framework to guide research and conservation programs by not only studying the animals in isolation but also in the context of their environment and connections to humanity. The One Health concept approach will not only benefit the animals being studied, but human health as well by keeping the entire environment healthy.

Georgia Aquarium is also active in the One Health Commission. The OHC is a collaborative network of science professionals from a variety of disciplines including human, animal, plant and environmental health that work on a local, national and global scale to promote the idea of One Health. Georgia Aquarium’s late Senior Vice President of Animal Health, Research and Conservation, Dr. Gregory Bossart, sat on the board of the One Health Commission, and the Director of Research and Conservation, Dr. Alistair Dove, is on the OHC Council of Scientific Advisors

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