Name a Georgia Aquarium Moon Jelly for Yourself or a Loved One

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When you name a jelly at Georgia Aquarium, you’re directly supporting our work towards research and conservation. You’re not just bringing attention to an often overlooked, yet important part of a healthy ocean ecosystem; you’re helping fund our research and conservation projects around the world, as we work to learn more about whales and dolphins, sharks and rays, African penguins, and California sea lions. By naming a jelly, you are having a positive impact on the world around you. You’re doing more than just giving a jelly a name – you’re supporting Georgia Aquarium and the preservation of our one-world ocean.

So, thank you for giving and choosing to support Georgia Aquarium. Congratulate yourself and be sure to keep an eye out for Mr. Tentacles, Bob the Blob, Sir Splat, Fluffy, and Dave the next time you visit.

Questions about our Name a Jelly Program? Contact the Development Team at

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Jelly names are subject to review.

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Fun Facts About the Magnificent Moon Jelly

  • Animal Facts

    A group of jellies is called a smack and are found worldwide in temperate seas. Moon jellies can reach a maximum diameter of two feet (61 cm).

  • Ocean Impact

    Jellies like the moon jelly play a very important role in ocean ecosystems. They are a vital food source for many endangered animals, and large smacks of jellies can even provide a hiding place for young fish.

  • Special Skills

    Moon jellies have specialized light-sensing structures called ocelli and utilize statoliths (tiny internal granules) to perceive gravity.

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