Eat for the future. Eat sustainably.

Georgia Aquarium’s Seafood Savvy program promotes choosing sustainable seafood from sources that minimize environmental impacts, ensure fair working conditions, and support the entire supply chain.

In the US, fishing in domestic waters follows strict sustainability guidelines. However, a majority of US seafood is imported, often from foreign aquaculture. The Seafood Savvy guide aids in making sustainable choices by asking key questions to waitstaff or grocers. Based on the information, fish are categorized as:

  • Best Choice: Well-managed, causing minimal harm to habitats and wildlife.
  • Good Alternative: Some concerns in catching or farming methods.
  • Avoid: Overfished or harming marine life/environment.

Consumers’ choices influence sustainable seafood demand, positively impacting ocean preservation. Use the Seafood Savvy Consumer Feedback Card to give input to grocers/waitstaff and support sustainable practices.

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Exploring Sustainable Seafood

To determine whether a specific type of fish or seafood is sustainable, you can explore detailed information on Seafood Watch’s Recommendations page.

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  • Not a seafood consumer?

    You don’t need to be a consumer of fish to support sustainable fishing and farming practices! There are many ways to support sustainable seafood operations; from cosmetics to pet products, seafood is utilized in many different industries.

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  • Looking to find sustainable seafood and products?

    Browse through the Marine Stewardship Council’s list of sustainable products.

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  • How are fish caught or raised?

    There are many different methods of fishing and farming, and some are far more sustainable than others.

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  • Is farmed fish more sustainable than wild caught fish?

    Fish farming and catching methods vary widely, so it's unjust to label one as superior. Rather than general comparisons, focus on specific, sustainable farming and fishing techniques and endorse those.

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Want to Be Seafood Savvy?

Seafood Savvy is brought to you in partnership with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. For more information about sustainable seafood, and additional updated recommendations, please visit Seafood Watch’s website.

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Seafood Savvy FAQs

  • How do I know what seafood is sustainable?
  • What are the benefits to choosing sustainable seafood options?
  • How is Georgia Aquarium being Seafood Savvy?
  • Where can I learn more about sustainable seafood?
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