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We are excited to share our Dolphin Presentation - Destination: Dolphin

Destination: Dolphin explores the vast distribution of the bottlenose dolphins around the globe and celebrates the unique connection between humans and these amazing animals. Take the plunge into the waters of Georgia Aquarium and see up close the distinct physical traits, biology, and personality of our dolphin pod. We will get not only a global look at the impact you have, but a personal connection with dolphins that will inspire you to navigate and chart your own course of conservation. Join us for the experience of a lifetime. The journey starts now, your destination is here at Georgia Aquarium.

Dolphin Theater seating is limited, and a seat reservation is required. You have the choice to guarantee your seats in advance with our $5 preferred seat, or you will be able to reserve your seat at no additional cost with our seat reservation system.

You will be able to reserve your seat for the dolphin presentation at no additional cost when you are on-site or by using our seat reservation system by clicking the Dolphin Seat Reservation button below on the day of your visit.


  • Access to our dolphin presentation is included with your General Admission ticket.
  • To attend a presentation, you must make a reservation the day of your visit.
  • For an additional cost of $5, you can get up close and personal with preferred seating.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your presentation starts to get seated.
  • There is no seating after the theater door closes.

*On certain occasions, an alternate dolphin program may be presented.

You'll Get To...

  • Observe Dolphin Behavior

    Watch and learn as dolphins display natural behaviors.

  • See Our Trainers
    in Action

    Get a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a dolphin trainer.

  • Get Splashed
    (If You Want To!)

    Sitting in our “Splash Zone” just may get you doused with water.

  • Learn How to
    Train a Dolphin

    Become educated on what it takes to train a dolphin.

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Animal Fact

Bottlenose dolphins don’t chew food—they usually swallow it whole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I purchase preferred seats for more than one dolphin presentation?
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  • Can I purchase a preferred seat for the dolphin presentation in the dolphin theater or elsewhere in the Dolphin Coast gallery?
  • Where can I purchase preferred seating for dolphin presentations?
  • When can I purchase a preferred seat for the dolphin presentation? Is there a time limit?
  • Do members receive a discounted rate for preferred seating?
  • Do I need to purchase a separate ticket in order to see the dolphin presentation?
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