Forget Sleeping Under the Stars…

And Sleep Under the Sea!

You’ll be counting fish instead of sheep when you spend an unforgettable night at Georgia Aquarium! Come sea our amazing aquatic animals with a night filled of excitement and exploration. All of our memorable sleepovers include admission to the Aquarium at 7:00pm the day of your sleepover, as well as the entire next day. Not to mention you will get access to all presentations, a bedtime snack, a complimentary breakfast, guided tours and activities as well as the best sleeping spot in front of one of our captivating gallery windows. Come dive into your sleeping bag for a slumber party to remember!

Minimum age requirement for sleepovers, unless otherwise specified (i.e. middle school, adult) is 7 years old. Any guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult of 21 years of age or older. Adult sleepovers have a minimum age of 21+.

Covid-19 Guidelines: In accordance with the recent executive order by the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium is requiring our guests to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth during their visit. For overnights, guests are encouraged to bring their own cot or air mattress (battery operated is best, as there are limited outlets).  If you do not have one of these, a sanitized mat will be provided for you. If sleepovers do not reach a minimum of 20 guests, the program may be cancelled. If this happens, you will be notified two weeks prior to your event.

Come Join Us

We welcome a wide variety of groups to sleep beneath the seas. See below for pricing, times, dates, inclusions and restrictions for each sleepover group type.

  • Groups and Families
  • Scouts
  • Adults + Sips (Not Currently Available)

See What Its Like to Sleep at the Aquarium

Upcoming Sleepover Dates

The following dates for the sleepover program are listed below and subject to change based on availability. We continue to evaluate future sleepover dates that might be impacted as a result of the pandemic and CDC guidelines.

Recent Sleepover Photos

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a Program Handbook for my Sleep Under the Sea, sleepover?
  • Do participants have to wear a mask?
  • If I buy my tickets online, do I need to print them, or is showing the email on my phone is enough?
  • Do I need to reschedule my Animal Encounter if a friend or family member tests positive for Covid 19?
  • Can I buy shirts that look like the ones staff wears?
  • What is Georgia Aquarium doing to help guests and staff stay healthy?
  • Where Do Guests Sleep?
  • Can I Request a Sleeping Area?
  • What Is the Minimum Age Allowed?
  • When Is Payment Due?
  • How Soon Should We Reserve Spots?
  • What Meals Are Included?
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