The Compass

The Compass

The Compass

We believe in the impossible and achieve the unimaginable.

We aim...
To be a premier institution delivering an awe-inspiring entertainment experience which supports animal research and conservation, inspires learning and instills a passion for the aquatic world.

We exist...
Be the window to the waters of the world, where we foster a sense of appreciation by encouraging guests to explore majestic environments and play an active role in research and conservation efforts.

We do this by:
Providing an unparalleled entertainment to our guests through engaging education and gracious hospitality.

Pledging to fiscal responsibility that enables us to make a difference for our guests, team, and animals.

Championing research efforts to conserve and protect the waters of the world.

Protecting the beauty of aquatic wildlife and sharing the power of nature's stories to inspire commitment for generations to come.

Our team embodies...
Do the right thing…always.

Strive to find ways to continuously improve.

We lead by providing vision, encouragement, coaching and professionalism.

Together we are extraordinary...collaboration leads to exceptional results.

We treat everyone with care, consideration and value the opinions and contributions of all.

It is our is a way of thinking, acting and doing.

We recognize, acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of all.