Episode 6: Engineering a Marvel

Georgia Aquarium is an architectural marvel in downtown Atlanta that holds about 1.3 million cubic feet of water and tens of thousands of animals. What did it take to build this place, and how do they go about improving on it? To construct such a unique facility, it took years of research and planning to maintain so many diverse habitats, keep the water clean, and the animals thriving. During this episode, hosted by Dr. Meisa Salaita, we will dig deep into the structure that keeps the animals safe and healthy. Georgia Aquarium’s Eric Hall, Kim Stone and Jahmar Hannans will provide us with a window into the structural and mechanical engineering, the design process, and innovation.

If you have any specific questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact education@georgiaaquarium.org. Best fishes!

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Arts - Engineering a Marvel

Arts - Engineering a Marvel (Activity Breaks)

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