Episode 8: A Production at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium’s AT&T Dolphin Tales Gallery features bottlenose dolphins. To put on a dolphin presentation, the production team at Georgia Aquarium needs to be creative and organized. The production team also needs to work in sync with the animal trainers. How do you put on a production like this? It all starts with collaboration. During this episode, hosted by Dr. Meisa Salaita, we will explore how art, science, engineering, technology, and math come together to create a dolphin presentation. Dolphin trainer Lisa Mignogna and Director of Production Kelly Labbe will take us behind the scenes!

If you have any specific questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact education@georgiaaquarium.org. Best fishes!

Download the Student Activities and Teacher Instructions for this episode.

Arts - A Production at Georgia Aquarium (Activity Breaks)

Arts - A Production at Georgia Aquarium

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