Explore the Secret World Behind Georgia Aquarium

Our Behind the Seas tours offer a backstage look at our most popular exhibits. You’ll come closer than ever before to our animal inhabitants with visits to the topside of our galleries, plus you’ll get to visit our Correll Center, commissary and Ocean Voyager filtration room, where we house the equipment that filters our 6.3 million gallon habitat.

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Georgia Aquarium's Behind the Seas Tour is proudly sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

You'll Get To...

  • See the Filtration Room

    Ever wonder how we keep millions of gallons of water clean for our animals? See for yourself.

  • Explore Vet Facilities

    See where we check our animals' health, prepare their meals and more.

  • Get a Fresh Perspective

    Enjoy an up-top look of our galleries — a view only tour-goers get to see.

Sneak a Peek Behind the Scenes

I don’t know why, but behind the scenes makes me feel like I know all of the secrets (even though, they aren’t hiding anything) and makes me appreciate everything going on even more.

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