Sea Lion Presentation

Truist Pier 225’s live presentation features Georgia Aquarium’s incredible California sea lions. These highly social pinnipeds and their dedicated trainers will show you how they work together — and why this is such an important part of animal care at Georgia Aquarium — in a live training session.

The Truist Pier 225 Theater seating is limited, and a same day seat reservation is required. You will be able to reserve your seat for the Sea Lion presentation at no additional cost when you are on-site or by using our seat reservation system by clicking the Sea Lion Seat Reservations button below on the day of your visit.

  • Access to our Sea Lion Presentation is included with your General Admission ticket.
  • To attend a presentation, you must make a reservation the same day of your visit.
  • You need to arrive 15 minutes before your presentation starts to get seated.
  • To reserve your seats for the Sea Lion Presentation – Click the button below on the day of your visit.

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Under the Boardwalk 3

You'll Get To...

  • Watch Sea Lion Behaviors

    During this 30-minute presentation, our California sea lions will show off their moves.

  • See Trainers in Action

    Watch our California sea lion trainers in action, guiding each animal through the presentation.

  • Get Splashed If You Want

    Really get into the action by sitting in our “Splash Zone!” You just may get doused with water.

Get a Sneak Peek at the Sea Lion Presentation

Animal Fact

California sea lions are members of the family Otariidae, or “eared seals,” and have small, external ear flaps, or “pinnae”. “True seals,” are members of family Phocidae, these species do not have external ear flaps, only small ear holes.

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