We're proud to facilitate dry side and underwater reenlistments

Dry Side Reenlistment
Military personnel who choose to continue to serve their country are invited to reenlist at Georgia Aquarium on the second Monday of any month. These events are open to friends and family members, as well as the general public. Times and locations are flexible based on availability and preference.

Underwater Reenlistment 
Georgia Aquarium’s Underwater Reenlistment Dives offer a unique experience for those who choose to continue to serve their Country. The Dive Team facilitates a dive in the Ocean Voyager exhibit for the re enlisting, enlisting officer, and witnesses (a total of up to 8 divers) . The diver s who are reenlisting and the officer are connected to a wireless underwater communication system. The audio is broadcasted to the dry side of the Ocean Voyager theater where friends and family can witness the ceremony from a priority area.

To learn more, please contact Adam Rosbury at arosbury@georgiaaquarium.org.

Military Reenlistments
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