Conservation for Kids

This program is designed to empower participants to be more aware of freshwater systems in Georgia through engaging hikes and hands-on activities in our parks. Children will observe and identify local flora and fauna, learn to advocate for clean waterways, conservation efforts and data collection. Any scout groups that book this program will complete various badges with our Environmental Educators.

Scouting Out Conservation 1

Scouting Out Conservation Dates

Please Note

  • Minimum age requirement for Scouting out Conservation, unless otherwise specified (i.e. middle school, adult) is 5 years old.
  • Large groups should have a 1 to 10 adult to child ratio at minimum.
  • Groups under the size of 15 may not purchase tickets for Scouting out Conservation.
  • Are we required to attend both the sleepover and program? 
  • Are your staff merit badge counselors? 
  • Do I have to be a Scout to sign up for this program?
  • Do we need to have our entire troop present to attend? 
  • Does completing this program guarantee that my Scout receives their badge at the end? 
  • How do I get to the hiking area? 
  • How long is the program? 
  • How many adults will be present? Can I join? 
  • Is food and drink provided? 
  • Is parking guaranteed with program purchase?
  • Is the hike difficult or is the terrain challenging?
  • Is there a maximum group size?
  • Is there a water fountain?
  • What happens if my Scout gets an injury while hiking? 
  • What is the minimum/maximum age allowed on a program? 
  • What should my Scout bring? 
  • Will my Scout have access to a restroom while hiking? 
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