A Well-Balanced Wheat

We’re thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Atlanta Brewing Company – Wobbegong Wheat! Brewed in partnership with Georgia Aquarium, proceeds from this and other Georgia Aquarium series beers goes to support research and conservation of marine life globally.

This release is a pleasant wheat ale with strong notes of bread crust and sweet grains. New Zealand Motueka hops lend a pleasant lemon-lime citrus taste to compliment the wheat. A clean fermentation profile with medium body and high carbonation makes this beer extremely refreshing.

Celebrating the wobbegong, a bottom-dwelling shark, the can depicts an illustration of a tasseled wobbegong – one of the species that call Georgia Aquarium home. A master of disguise, the tasseled wobbegong is almost undetectable when resting quietly on the bottom. With its beard of fleshy tassels that obscure the shape of its head, pattern of dark and light spots to break up the shape of its body, and enlarged, drape-like fins, this shark is an excellent ambush predator. The wobbegong lies motionless on the bottom, blending into the reef structure until small fish or other prey move within striking distance, then it quickly opens its mouth to suck in the prey.


Wobbegong Wheat 4

Animal Fact

The name "wobbegong", from the tasselled wobbegong, is Australian aboriginal in origin, but its exact meaning is unknown. It is speculated that it may mean "living rock."

Atlanta Brewing Company

Atlanta Brewing Company was founded in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia at a time where there were only 200 or so microbreweries throughout the country. It has weathered 28 years in Atlanta and is proud to be the oldest craft brewery in the state. Known for award winning beers such as Hoplanta and Soul of the City, they proudly focus on quality control and brewing innovative beers to attract a diverse beer following. The brewery and taproom is located in the Midtown Westside District, it is dog friendly and family-friendly with 20 beers on tap and is open to the public Wednesday – Sunday for onsite tasting and purchase. Atlanta Brewing Company’s mission is to connect their community to the past, present and future of Atlanta through the craft beer experience and looks forward to continuing serving the city it loves.

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is a leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Atlanta, Georgia that is Humane Certified by American Humane and accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Georgia Aquarium is committed to working on behalf of all marine life through education, preservation, exceptional animal care and research across the globe. Georgia Aquarium continues its mission each day to inspire, educate and entertain its millions of guests about the aquatic biodiversity throughout the world through its hundreds of exhibits and tens of thousands of animals across its seven major galleries.

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