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Whale Shark Research 2

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  • Zebra Shark 1

    All New: Shark & Ray Immersion

    Suit up and get in the water with some of our sharks and rays in this newest animal interaction.

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  • SHARKS! Predators of the Deep 5

    All New: Shark Cage Dive

    Don a wetsuit and venture into the deep with some of our most fearsome sharks in this new animal interaction

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    All New: Sea Lions Up Close Program

    In this new program, your group will get a unique, up-close, but socially distant interaction with our charismatic sea lions.

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    Field Trip Friday Flashback

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  • Aug 15

    Georgia Aquarium’s Adventurers Club

    Hey kids! Announcing Georgia Aquarium’s Adventurers Club. Join us for each new episode including fun and educational ani...

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    Virtual Yoga by the Water

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SHARKS! Predators of the Deep
— Opening Fall 2020

Home to one of the most misunderstood species in the ocean — sharks — our latest expansion is nearly complete. From the thrilling Shark Cage Dive to the Shark & Ray Immersion experience, this new gallery has it all.

We're Excited to See You!

Georgia Aquarium has reopened with limited attendance, which means you’ll get up close to the exhibits and not other visitors.

Get Original Works of Art By Our Amazing Animals

Many of our animals possess a playful and curious nature. As part of our daily enrichment program, some of them spend their time expressing themselves through art. For the first time ever, you can purchase one of these memorable pieces. Your purchase supports the ongoing work we do to care for these animals and animals around the globe. 

Visit Today | Georgia Aquarium | Located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia 148

Creative Kids Art Gallery

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Whale Shark

Scientific Name
Rhincodon typus
Conservation Status
Every whale shark has a unique spot pattern

Manta Ray

Scientific Name
Mobula sp. cf. birostris
Conservation Status
Manta rays’ only natural predators are large sharks

White Spotted Jelly

Scientific Name
Phyllorhiza punctata
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated
A large group of jellies is called a smack
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Georgia Aquarium is Open to the Public

Here are a few things to expect when you visit the Aquarium:

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We take the safety of our guests and our team members very seriously.  We have limited capacity for each of our 30-minute entry timeslots, new cleaning and sanitization protocols, and updated processes to ensure the Aquarium is operating in accordance with the advice of the state and federal governments and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).