A Look At 2024 – Georgia Aquarium Experiences

Plan Your 2024 Trip to Georgia Aquarium: A Look at What’s Ahead

A new year brings exciting new opportunities that promise a year filled with awe-inspiring events, remarkable exhibitions, and unforgettable experiences at Georgia Aquarium. Let’s dive into what’s in store at the Aquarium in 2024 as you plan a year’s worth of visits with your Resident Pass:

Spectacular Sea-sonal Sights:

Experience the excitement of our seasonal events! Every weeknight throughout June, soak up the rhythmic rays of summer Sound Waves Music Series, where live music meets the ocean. Sound Waves is more than live music, with a mission to celebrate local Atlanta artists while you connect with the ocean’s magnificent species.

In October, you don’t want to miss the spine-tingling excitement of Haunted Seas! See as the Aquarium transforms into the site of a spooky shipwreck. This fully immersive experience brings new characters, tales, sights, and trick-or-treats in a one-of-a-kind Aquarium experience you won’t want to miss.

And, of course, there’s no better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than during Holidays at Georgia Aquarium. Experience the magic of the winter season by taking in the sights and sounds of our completely transformed atrium with festive music, winter-inspired projections, daily lighting of our tree, a holiday-themed dolphin presentation, and the best photo-op with Santa in Atlanta! We cannot wait to see you throughout the year at all these spectacular events.

New Year, New Exhibit! – Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek:

Be one of the first to experience our latest exhibit! Opening this summer, our new Explorers Cove is sure to captivate guests of all ages with new hands-on experiences. This new exhibit will feature two expansive, interactive touch pools where guests can engage with sharks, rays, guitarfish, and sturgeon like never before. It will also house a captivating marsh environment for young explorers to experience the wetland ecosystem up close. Finally, guests use immersive technology to create their own species by drawing a digital animal and watch as it swims and interacts on a giant video wall with other animal creations. 

Uncover a new experience, new species, and a new opportunity to learn about the wonders of our world’s aquatic wildlife. Want to be the first to know all the updates on this new exhibit? Be sure to follow our social channels @GeorgiaAquarium and subscribe to our Newsletter for all the latest Aquarium news! 

Dive Into our Reimagined Dolphin Presentation:

This summer, we are excited to unveil our fin-tasticly rejuvenated dolphin presentation! Witness the grace, intelligence, and sheer splendor of these incredible creatures, as they dazzle you with their agility and charm. ‘Destination: Dolphin’ will explore the world of bottlenose dolphins and the pivotal role they play in understanding the health of our world’s oceans. This experience is fully immersive – with upbeat music, lighting, and effects – and a special surprise for those who dare to sit in the soak zone. It’s an experience that’ll leave you in awe of the ocean’s most beloved ambassadors. 

Enhance Your Experience:

No visit is the same at Georgia Aquarium – elevate your adventure by exploring our array of add-on experiences. Go Behind the Seas with an exclusive tour, where you’ll glimpse the inner workings of the Aquarium. Experience the joy of meeting your favorite animal up close and personal during an unforgettable animal encounter. Drink, dine, and dance the night away at our next Sips Under the Sea. Prefer to unwind while surrounded by the soothing sights of the sea? Grab a friend for a Wellness by the Water class and namaste with manta rays. Create selfie-worthy moments and foster a deeper connection with our world’s oceans during your next visit. 

Revitalized River Scout:

Anticipation has been building for the grand reveal of River Scout’s renovation in early spring 2024, where the spotlight will soon shine on the captivating African tigerfish. This revamped freshwater gallery promises an immersive experience, featuring a diverse array of species like Asian small-clawed otters, giant African puffers, and the fearsome piranhas, alongside eel-like Ropefish. As rainforest meets river, experience River Scout revitalized into a vibrant freshwater ecosystem. 

A Downtown Gem: 

Conveniently located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium is the perfect complement to your day out. Whether you’re heading to a sporting event, concert, or exploring other attractions, maximize your visit by adding the Aquarium to your itinerary. Frequent visitor? Pay for a day and come back all year with a 2024 Resident Pass (some blackout dates apply). Planning a weekend getaway? Check out CityPass to save on Atlanta’s top attractions, including Georgia Aquarium. Immerse yourself in the ocean’s wonders and make your day an adventure to remember.


Prepare for a year of wonder, excitement, and unparalleled experiences at Georgia Aquarium. Become stewards of our world’s precious ocean while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your next adventure awaits at Georgia Aquarium! What will you discover?

All of these exciting enhancements are included in your general admission ticket or Resident Pass.

10 Experiences to Add to Your Georgia Aquarium Bucket List

Dive into extraordinary experiences at Georgia Aquarium with our curated list of must-do items. From swimming with majestic whale sharks to sleeping under the sea and special events the whole family can enjoy, the Aquarium offers experiences that are both unique and unforgettable. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or taking advantage of your 2024 Resident Pass, here are 10 must-do activities to add to your Georgia Aquarium bucket list:

Georgia Aquarium Unveils Several New Experiences Coming in 2024

1. Be One of the First to Explore Our New Exhibit – Explorers Cove!

Uncover a new experience, new species, and a new opportunity to learn about the wonders of our world’s aquatic wildlife. Opening this summer, our new Explorers Cove exhibit is sure to captivate guests of all ages and take you on an immersive journey with new animals and a whole new experience. Featuring two expansive, interactive touch pools, guests can engage with sharks, rays, guitarfish, and sturgeon up close and personal like never before. Guests will also explore an immersive marsh environment and experience the wetland ecosystem. We have also included interactive technology for guests to create their very own species! By drawing a digital animal, guests can watch as it swims and interacts on a giant video wall with other animal creations. Want to be the first to know all the updates on this new exhibit? Be sure to follow our social channels @GeorgiaAquarium! 


2. Encounter Penguins, Sea Lions, and Sharks…Oh My! 

Experience a moment of wonder as you come face to face with some of your favorite animals at Georgia Aquarium. From playful penguins to sliding sea lions, you’ll get to meet and learn about these magnificent creatures through engaging educational sessions. We even offer the opportunity to get in the water with sharks and rays! Our encounters offer an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

sea lion presentation

3. Prepare to Get Splashed!

Marvel at the intelligence of dolphins and agility of sea lions during one of the Aquarium’s captivating animal presentations. These special presentations offer insight into the capabilities of these highly intelligent marine mammals and their extraordinary behaviors. Be sure to check them out for the holiday season, as they will be specially themed during our Haunted Seas and Holidays at Georgia Aquarium experiences.

**New Dolphin Presentation coming this summer
Book your Resident Pass reservation now!

guests behind the seas experiences4. Get an Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes

Go beyond the public areas and embark on a Behind-The-Seas Tour to gain exclusive access to the Aquarium’s inner workings. From animal feeding and care to filtration systems, and so much more, dive into the fascinating world behind the waves. This experience is the perfect addition to any visit!

Haunted Seas experiences5. Chilling Currents and Haunted Seas

Prepare for a spooky transformation at Georgia Aquarium with Haunted Seas! Dive into themed sea lion and dolphin presentations, witness the atrium’s stunning makeover, and on weekends, join us on an epic treasure hunt through the mysterious depths of our Ocean Voyager exhibit. Haunted Seas is included with your General Admission ticket or Resident Pass, promising chills and thrills for all who dare to explore. 

penguin6. Dive into Holiday Magic with Scuba Claus!

Experience winter’s enchantment with Holidays at Georgia Aquarium! Immerse yourself in the merry ambiance of our festively transformed atrium. Delight in the sounds of the season, marvel at winter-themed projections and behold our magnificent tree. Rekindle cherished holiday traditions with Santa photos, daily tree lightings, and captivating dolphin presentations. Join us for the festivities and create cherished memories with the whole family – we can’t wait to welcome you!

It's Included!
Holidays at Georgia Aquarium is included with your General Admission ticket or Resident Pass.

Wellness by the Water experiences7. Get Your Zen On

Break a sweat, find your zen, or learn a new dance at the most unique and inspiring fitness studio Atlanta has to offer – Georgia Aquarium! Our Wellness by the Water classes offer a unique opportunity to learn from professional instructors. Choose from yoga, barre, sound baths, dance classes, and more. All Wellness by the Water events can be found and booked through our Event Calendar.

Sound Waves experiences8. Jam Out with Jellies

Experience the heartbeat of Atlanta at Georgia Aquarium’s Sound Waves Music Series! Join us on Friday evenings, from April 26 to May 31, for live music, small bites, and a celebration of our vibrant local musicians. Live performances will echo through our atrium, complemented by a specially-themed atmosphere. Don’t miss this chance to ride the rhythm of Sound Waves at Georgia Aquarium – where each event is an opportunity to discover the wonders of the Aquarium’s galleries and presentations while enjoying local live music, all included with General Admission or Resident Pass reservations. 

guests experiences9. Sip and Sea

Dive into an unforgettable evening at Georgia Aquarium’s Sips Under the Sea events – an exclusive cocktail party designed for adult guests 21+. Step into a transformed Aquarium atrium, where our galleries provide the perfect backdrop for mingling, sipping on handcrafted cocktails, and savoring delectable dining options. With a live DJ setting the mood, the night is yours to explore the Aquarium’s main attractions in a unique adult setting. Dance, sip, and revel in this one-of-a-kind experience!

Turtle release experiences10. Contribute to Conservation Efforts

Support the Aquarium’s conservation initiatives by learning about our projects and finding ways to contribute. Every visitor can play a part in protecting our oceans and the creatures that call it home. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Georgia Aquarium operates through the generous support of donors and patrons. Your ticket, membership, or Resident Pass purchase all help support the Aquarium’s staff, animals, daily operations, education outreach, and research initiatives. It is our mission to inspire awareness and preservation of our ocean and aquatic animals worldwide. Learn more about how you can get involved.



Visiting Georgia Aquarium is an adventure filled with awe-inspiring moments and opportunities to connect with the diversity of our world’s ocean. With these 10 bucket list experiences, you’re ready to plan your next visit. Book your next experience and save with a Resident Pass. With your Georgia Resident Pass, you can pay for a day and come back to visit any time throughout 2024* – and start checking off that bucket list. So, (water) you waiting for? Dive in and let Georgia Aquarium create magical memories for you and your family!

*Blackout dates apply

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium isn’t just a place to see amazing and diverse aquatic life—it’s also hub of unforgettable experiences waiting to be explored. While you might know about its stunning exhibits and incredible animal presentations, here are five lesser-known activities that will take your Aquarium visit to the next level:5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Georgia Aquarium

1. Forget Sleeping Under the Stars, Sleep Under the Sea

Spend a night surrounded by the ocean in some of your favorite Aquarium exhibits! Who said sleepovers are just for kids? Georgia Aquarium offers family, small groups, and adults-only sleepover programs. All sleepovers include admission to the Aquarium at 6:45 pm the day of your sleepover, plus the entire next day. Guests also get access to all presentations, a bedtime snack, complimentary breakfast, guided tours, and activities. Dive into your sleeping bag for an unforgettable slumber party.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Georgia Aquarium 1

2. Upgrade Your Wi-Fi & WFH Views

Embrace the flexibility of remote work in a setting unlike any other – where our tables, high-speed Wi-Fi, and unparalleled aquatic views meet to offer an inspiring workspace. While productivity might swim a little off course, the experience of being plugged in at the Aquarium promises a unique and refreshing environment to make even those mundane Monday tasks more enjoyable. Enjoy a tasty breakfast or lunch and endless snack options at our newly renovated Coastline Café. Take a break to see a Sea Lion Presentation or get those steps in during your next meeting and take a walk through the galleries. With a Resident Pass, you can make Georgia Aquarium your new WFH space as you enjoy free admission for the entire year for the price of a single day. Dive into Georgia Aquarium – where work meets wonder.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Georgia Aquarium 2

3. Romance is in the Water 

No matter what occasion, Georgia Aquarium is the place to spark passion. Whether it’s your first date, 10th anniversary, or if you’re just looking for a unique experience together. Enjoy a romantic evening with some of the best views in Atlanta, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean. Experience our mesmerizing exhibits and learn about our hundreds of species that will keep the conversation flowing all night. Or Sip Under the Sea together at one of our exciting, themed, adult-only cocktail parties. The options are as vast as the ocean, so grab your lobster and Resident Pass, and make the Aquarium your next date night venue. 

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Georgia Aquarium 3

4. Get Up Close and Personal

Dive into an intimate experience with some of Georgia Aquarium’s most fascinating residents through our Animal Encounter programs. From penguins to sea otters, and so much more! These encounters offer a chance to interact with and learn about these incredible creatures from our expert animal care teams. Did you know Georgia Aquarium is the only place in the world where you are guaranteed to swim with whale sharks, manta rays, and thousands of other marine animals? In our Journey with Gentle Giants programs, guests will get in our Ocean Voyager exhibit, built by The Home Depot, with thousands of amazing animals for the experience of a lifetime. 

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Georgia Aquarium 4

5. Grab A Backstage Pass

Go beyond the gallery floor and embark on a fascinating Behind the Seas Tour! This backstage pass grants you exclusive access to the inner workings of Georgia Aquarium. Allowing you to see all that goes into caring for the animals, maintaining the exhibits, and managing the filtration systems every day. “I don’t know why, but being behind the scenes makes me feel like I know all of the secrets (even though, they aren’t hiding anything) and makes me appreciate everything going on even more.” – Krystyn @reallyareyouserious.com


From intimate encounters with sea creatures to immersive sleepovers and exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, Georgia Aquarium offers a plethora of unique experiences beyond the usual visit. Whether you’re seeking adventure, romance, or new remote working opportunities, there’s something extraordinary for everyone to enjoy. Save on entry to explore these and other hidden gems at Georgia Aquarium. With a Resident Pass, you can pay for a day and come back to visit any time throughout 2024. Where will your next visit take you?


Top 5 Date Night Experiences

Top 5 Date Night Experiences

Whether you are planning for a first date, Valentine’s Day, or 10th anniversary – no matter the occasion, Georgia Aquarium has five great ways to make your date night one to remember.

1. Sips Under the Sea – Take your date night to a whole new level!

Take your dinner and drinks to a whole new level at our Sips Under the Sea events. These specially-themed cocktail parties provide a date night experience like nothing else in Atlanta and are exclusively for our 21+ guests. Experience our galleries in a more intimate setting, stop off at the bar for a beverage, and dance the night away with a live DJ. Our next event is just in time for Valentine’s Day! Grab your tickets for Sips Under the Sea: Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Love is sure to be in the air – or water – as we say.

Do you want to make it more special?
Tack on the Overnight option to your ticket. Not only do you get all the benefits of Sips Under the Sea but get to stay the night in one of the Aquarium’s galleries following the event!

Can’t make this one? Don’t worry, Sips Under the Sea happens several times throughout the year. Check out our Events Calendar for all upcoming Aquarium events!

2. Animal Encounters and Interactive Programs – It’s a date you’ll never forget.

Know someone obsessed with seals? Maybe penguins? Give them a date experience they will talk about for years to come (sorry, this one will be tough to top) – an animal encounter! Take your pick.

  • Penguin Encounter – Get up close with an African penguin and learn all about this unique temperate weather bird!
  • Sea Lion Encounter – Get so close to California sea lions you’ll smell their fishy breath!
  • Dolphin Encounter – You’ll stay on the deck of the dolphin habitat, but definitely get wet!
  • Shark & Ray Interaction – For the daring heart, don a wet suit and get in with sharks and rays in a waist-deep exhibit!
  • Journey with Gentle Giants Swim or Dive – Swim or dive in the largest aquatic habitat in the world with whale sharks, manta rays, and thousands of fish (scuba certification not required for swim; open water certification required for dive).

*Animal encounters and interactive programs are an additional purchase and are not included in general admission or memberships.

3. Wellness by the Water – Get some zen time together

Come experience Atlant’s most unique and inspiring fitness studio – Georgia Aquarium! Enjoy views of our 6.3-million-gallon Ocean Voyager exhibit while stretching it out and breaking a sweat during yoga classes led by Dancing Dogs Yoga instructors – or unwind and relax with a unique sound bath experience led by a healing practitioner and Reiki Master from SND Bath. No matter your fitness level, there is something for every couple to enjoy – together. Tickets include complimentary parking but do not include admission to the Aquarium.

Additionally, if you’re the crazy couple whose New Year’s resolution was to run a 5k together – join us for our seventh annual Georgia Aquarium 5K and make an impact on aquatic animal conservation through your participation. All proceeds go toward the Aquarium’s research and conservation initiatives at home and across the globe. Couples that run for a cause together stay together!

Can’t make it downtown?
There’s a virtual option just for you! No matter where you live, we want you to run for the ocean.

4. Memberships or Resident Passes – Make the date last all year!

Make date night last the entire year with a membership or Resident Pass! Get one for yourself (because you love yourself, too) or for the entire family. Membership types vary but all include:

  • One year of unlimited visits from the time of purchase
  • Bring friends or family and receive a 10% discount on their admission
  • Exclusive discounts for events, parties, camps, etc.
  • 10% discount at our Coastline Café and Gift Shop
  • Discounts on programming and parking
Live in or around Georgia?
Take advantage of our first-ever Resident Pass that gives residents of Georgia and surrounding states unlimited admission (excluding blackout dates) for the rest of the year for the price a single-day ticket! Limited time offer. *Resident Passes do not include membership benefits. Resident Pass purchases require proof of residency and cannot be gifted.

5. General Admission Visit – We’re open 365!

A general admission visit to the Aquarium is just as magical as an encounter or event. Visit all eight of the Aquarium’s galleries and see some of the world’s most majestic creatures right here in the U.S.

  • Snap photos of your love in picturesque spots like the bubble window in Ocean Voyager or the coral wall in Tropical Diver!
  • Catch the sea lion or dolphin presentation (check showtimes upon arrival) which is included in general admission.
Make an advance ticket reservation and save $5!

Tickets are required for entry, encounter programs, and special events at the Aquarium. Reservations are required for the sea lion and dolphin presentations at no additional charge. For more information and to book your experience, visit our website.

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