And Then There Were Nine!

Don’t worry and be hoppy because the latest addition of Georgia Aquarium and Atlanta Brewing Company’s craft beer collaboration is finally here! Introducing…Alligator IPA. This snapping new beer is specially brewed with pineapple, giving this fresh new flavor a tropical, well-balanced feel.

Alligator IPA will make its official debut at Atlanta Brewing Company’s launch party on Friday, February 7 from 4:00pm – 10:00pm. Guests will enjoy the new draft beer, as well as live music from the Unusual Animals.

A portion of the proceeds from Alligator IPA sales will go towards Georgia Aquarium’s vital research and conservation efforts across the globe. Alligator IPA will be available at select Kroger stores and other retail locations throughout Atlanta beginning the week of February 10th. Wrangle one while you can!

Alligator IPA Launch Party 2

A Rare Success Story

The American alligator is considered a keystone species in some ares due to their vital role in managing the function of the ecosystem. Their comeback from endangerment and rapidly declining numbers, to now nearly 200,000 American alligators in Georgia alone, makes for one of the most notable conservation stories in history.

Learn more about the American alligator here.

Animal Fact

The sex of alligator hatchlings is determined by the temperature of the nest during incubation. Warmer temperatures produce males, while cooler temperatures produce females.

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