Cold Water Quest

From Oregon to Japan, from South Australia to South Africa, cold ocean waters teem with fish and marine mammals. Beneath the waves curious animals such as Australian weedy sea dragons, garibaldi damselfish and Japanese spider crabs hang among rocky ledges and kelp forests.


The gallery's Southern sea otter exhibit has doubled in size and has been modified to include additional deck space for trainer-animal interactions. New to the exhibit, a sneak peek window has been added, giving guests a look into the behind-the-scenes area for the sea otters. 

The African penguin exhibit features more than 25 nesting areas integrated into naturalistic rockwork and comes equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting system that mimics the natural light cycle from twilight to moonlight. Acrylic tunnels and pop-up windows, built into the exhibit, allow guests to come face-to-face with their feathered favorites.

Our beluga whale exhibit contains subarctic-temperature water as well as harbor seals. These marine mammals are gregarious ambassadors for marine conservation efforts.

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