Georgia Aquarium License Plate

Georgia Aquarium has a new penguin license plate! We are the first vanity to be produced through the new digital design and you can be one of the first to hit the road with this special plate. Your support will help spread the word about the great work being done in conservation and research at one of the world's most magical and best aquariums.
Georgia Aquarium penguin license plate
One of Georgia Aquarium’s goals is to be a leading facility for aquatic animal conservation and research. Georgia Aquarium conducts research to improve husbandry methods, develop innovative and exciting new exhibits, contribute to the understanding of the underwater world and apply new discoveries to the conservation of aquatic life. Every day, researchers in the Aquarium’s exhibits and labs are learning more about marine life in order to develop new methods of animal care and veterinary medicine. By combining field research with the study of on-site animals in a controlled environment, the Aquarium is contributing to the advancement of human knowledge in the area of animal science.

The funds from Georgia Aquarium’s penguin specialty plate help to support the conservation of the endangered African penguin. The Aquarium continues to support important research and rehabilitation efforts of African penguins in their native habitat to better understand the issues facing this species today. Additionally, through partnerships with the Association of Zoo and Aquariums (AZA), Georgia Aquarium works with colleague facilities to manage and breed African penguins to ensure long-term display, facilitate research studies in a zoological setting, further increase awareness, and educate generations to come.

Get Your Own Aquarium License Plate
Georgia Aquarium’s penguin plate is now in production. Support our efforts starting today by purchasing your tag from the Georgia Department of Revenue. Upon purchasing your tag through your local tag office, your tag will be mailed directly to you within 7-10 days. To learn more please visit the Georgia Department of Revenue website.

If your renewal is due or if you are applying for a new tag, there is an additional annual registration fee (in addition to the $35 special license plate fee, the manufacturing fee, ad valorem tax or any penalties, which may be due).

Please note the dolphin tags are no longer available.

Georgia Aquarium is not acting as an agent of the state. Payment of this manufacturing fee does not constitute payment to the state, however the payment does entitle the purchaser to receive an issuance for your county’s tag office to pick up your plate upon payment of additional annual registration, if required at the time of tag issue. Initial issuance of the specialty license plate must happen by visiting your county’s tag office. In future years, you will be able to renew your tag online through the department of motor vehicles’ website.

You DO NOT need to wait until your birthday to apply for a plate! Your registration and annual ad valorem will not be affected by applying before or after your birthday. The manufacturing fee is $25 per vehicle. If you currently have a specialty plate or vanity plate, your new Georgia Aquarium license plate will replace it.