Travel Around the World With the Aquarium

Have you been wanting to expand your experience of visiting Georgia Aquarium? Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to travel alongside our research team? Have you wanted to broaden your knowledge of aquatic conservation by witnessing it firsthand?

Georgia Aquarium is excited to launch unique travel programs centered around our animal collection and curated for our guests looking to deepen their involvement with one of the world’s largest aquariums. We seek to develop experiences that appeal to different activity levels and interests, and doing so in an eco-friendly manner.

Upcoming Trips

Diving Raja Ampat with Georgia Aquarium

Past Trips

Explore Exotic Central America with Georgia Aquarium

Dive the Galapagos Islands with Georgia Aquarium

Cruise the Indian Ocean with Georgia Aquarium

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See a Recent Trip: The Galapagos

Learn About Our Trips

Individuals who love travel, aquatic life and preserving our watery world.

Uniquely designed trips that are inspired by Georgia Aquarium’s mission and animal ambassadors.

Exciting, exotic locations around the world! Most travel destinations are inspired by our marquee animals at Georgia Aquarium.

See below for our newest travel destinations. You can be sure we have future ideas in the works as well!

We want to create exciting travel opportunities that expand the ways our guests experience Georgia Aquarium. In addition, these expeditions support Georgia Aquarium’s Research and Conservation initiatives. Travel with a purpose!

Check out the trips we are presently booking and stay tuned for more exciting offerings in the future.

For questions or suggestions contact Erin Burnett, Assistant Manager of Donor Relations at

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