When it comes to tiny artwork, there’s one Atlanta artist that is doing it right. Karen Anderson, the founder of Tiny Doors ATL started her art project with the first 6-inch tall door on the Krog Street Tunnel in 2014. Since then she has created fourteen public Tiny Doors in Atlanta. Today, we are excited to debut the newest Tiny Door in Atlanta at Georgia Aquarium!

We got a behind-the-scenes peek at Karen’s studio while she worked on Georgia Aquarium’s Tiny Door. Each door that Karen creates is uniquely designed for its location. The 6-inch tall door at the Aquarium will be the first circle door that Karen has created. “I wanted to make something that fit in the Aquarium space, and a circle made the most sense,” said Anderson.

Karen creates doors with different factors in mind, including: where the door will be located, what elements it will have to stand up against, who will be walking by the door and what they will be doing when they’re walking by. Anderson noted, “I can branch out a little more with this door, because it doesn’t have to brave the outdoor elements.”

Many people, including us, wonder what’s behind the door, but that’s a secret that Karen is not interested in revealing. “I’m most interested in who you think is behind the door.” Karen ultimately wants us to use our imagination to make the door feels like it’s ours. “I want the people at the Aquarium, the people that work there, the people that visit, to see the door and feel like it belongs to them.”

Georgia Aquarium’s Tiny Door is located next to the largest aquatic habitat at the Aquarium and in the Western Hemisphere. Take note next time you walk past the entrance to Ocean Voyager Built by Home Depot and you’ll spot our latest addition. Guests are encouraged to take photos with the door and post on social media using #TinyDoorsATL and #GeorgiaAquarium.

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