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Over the past few years, connecting with the world around us has become a little more challenging. Most of us have found ourselves spending more time on screens than we’d like to admit. The average American now spends around 4 hours on mobile devices every day, with teens doubling that at almost 8 hours per day. (1) That’s a lot of precious time. At Georgia Aquarium, we think it’s time to look up from our screens and reconnect with the people, places, and new adventures around us.

Visit Georgia Aquarium to learn about underwater worlds through first-hand experiences and breathtaking views. Take the opportunity to encounter living things from far-off hemispheres and unfathomable depths. It’s a wondrous place where you and your loved ones can have once-in-a-lifetime experiences like diving with sharks or hanging out with sea lions. At the end of the day, the moments you look back on and cherish most might just begin here, at Georgia Aquarium, where you can connect with real.

Come see how good it feels.

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