A couple of weeks ago, Georgia Aquarium grew not in gallons of water or square feet, but by a few thousand pounds. Imaq and Whisper, two beluga whales came to us and have been introduced to our other beluga whales, Nunavik, Maple, and Qinu.

Prior to their arrival, we sent two animal trainers to meet and get to know Imaq and Whisper at their previous facilities. It is immensely important for our trainers to build relationships with our animals to better understand who they are and what they need in order for them to be healthy and thrive in their new environment.

On their first night at Georgia Aquarium, Whisper and Imaq were introduced and spent their first few days together in an off-exhibit pool. Later, Whisper and Imaq were introduced to our other belugas, Qinu, Maple, and Nunavik.

During the original introduction, all of the females were swimming closely with Imaq. It is difficult to take your eyes off the group as they interact, and as the social dynamics change throughout the day. Imaq and Whisper have fit in effortlessly.

Our trainers are currently working with Imaq and Whisper during their training sessions and are focused on developing trust, getting to know them better, and building a relationship.

Keep an eye out for Imaq and Whisper in our Cold Water Quest gallery. Imaq is pretty noticeable as he is the largest beluga and has a unique melon shape. Whisper is a marble grey color and has several white marks on her body that help her to be easily identified.

We’re excited to have Imaq and Whisper join our family at Georgia Aquarium. To learn more about beluga whales, please visit our animal guide here.