Dive Into the Deep Sea Experience with Your Group!

Do you have a group of adventure seekers?  Bring your group to dive in the largest aquarium habitat in the world.  During our Journey with Gentle Giants program, your group members will get up close and personal with whale sharks, and be mesmerized by magnificent manta rays.  You’re guaranteed to see whale sharks during this dive.  Check this one off your bucket list!  All dive equipment is included in this experience.  Must be open-water certified.  Not open-water certified?  No problem.  We offer a snorkel version of the Journey with Gentle Giants program as well!




Going as a Group Has Its Perks

  • Discounted Tickets

    Save on your visit with special group rates.

  • Complimentary Tickets

    Based on your group size, you can earn complimentary tickets for your visit.

  • Free Shipping on Tickets

    We'll ship your tickets free of charge.

  • Itinerary Assistance

    We can help you design your group's itinerary so you don't miss out on galleries or shows.

Group Ticket FAQs

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