Bring Your Troop to the Aquarium!

From Daisy Scouts to Ambassadors, Georgia Aquarium is the perfect place to bring your Scout group!  The adventures at Georgia Aquarium are endless!  Scouts learn about saving our oceans and protecting our marine animals worldwide while visiting Georgia Aquarium and truly become stewards of our oceans.  They’ll leave Georgia Aquarium inspired and in awe.  Scouts are invited to visit Georgia Aquarium during normal operating hours, or they are welcome to participate in Scout sleepovers which are available on certain nights during the year. Special discounted pricing is available for Scout groups of 15 or more scouts.


Going as a Group Has Its Perks

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    Save on your visit with special group rates.

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    Based on your group size, you can earn complimentary tickets for your visit.

  • Free Shipping on Tickets

    We'll ship your tickets free of charge.

  • Itinerary Assistance

    We can help you design your group's itinerary so you don't miss out on galleries or shows.

Group Ticket FAQs

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