Discounted Admission To Those Who Protect Our Freedoms

At Georgia Aquarium, we recognize the extraordinary sacrifices our military personnel, veterans and their loved ones have made while serving this great country.

Our Military Discount is one of the ways we thank you for your outstanding service. We are honored to be able to provide special discounts for our active and former military members, veterans and their families.

Military guests can also purchase deeply discounted tickets in advance by visiting your Local ITT or MWR Ticket & Travel Offices.

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Discounted Military Membership Options

As a thank you for all you do, Georgia Aquarium is thrilled to offer all current and former members of the United States Armed Forces 20% off Individual and Family Memberships*

Turquoise Rainbowfish
[{"id":38924,"name":"SHARKS! from Above","psids":"147395"},{"id":37239,"name":"Behind the Seas Tour: Explore the Surface","psids":"132722"},{"id":37275,"name":"Behind the Seas Tour: Dive Deeper","psids":"145282"},{"id":29025,"name":"The Megalodon Shark (Otodus Megalodon)","psids":""},{"id":24682,"name":"Beluga Encounter","psids":"115948,138759"},{"id":19421,"name":"Shark & Ray Interaction","psids":"95889,111857,138132"},{"id":8612,"name":"All Programs & Experiences","psids":""},{"id":6695,"name":"Sea Lion Encounter","psids":"98946,115341,142758"},{"id":3158,"name":"Journey with Gentle Giants \u2014 Dive","psids":"133229"},{"id":3054,"name":"Sleep Under the Sea","psids":""},{"id":3052,"name":"Sea Lion Presentation","psids":""},{"id":3042,"name":"Dolphin Presentation","psids":"133353"},{"id":2279,"name":"Penguin Encounter","psids":"115340,140225"},{"id":2275,"name":"Harbor Seal Encounter","psids":"116679,139492"},{"id":2270,"name":"Sea Otter Encounter","psids":"128105,141324"},{"id":938,"name":"Journey with Gentle Giants \u2014 Swim","psids":"93713,112331,134927"},{"id":902,"name":"Dolphin Encounter","psids":"135352"}]

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