Internship Focused on Life Support Systems

Interns in the Life Support Systems (LSS) Department are responsible for the operation, care and upkeep of Georgia Aquarium’s 42 aquatic animal exhibits, water and associated filtration systems.

Interns will:

  • Monitor all phases of aquatic animal water & filtration systems as well as the condition of aquatic animal life support systems equipment.
  • Work with more senior aquarium staff in providing a safe and healthy environment for our diverse aquatic animal collection.
  • Frequently interface with other Zoological Operations staff including water quality lab technicians, animal care & training staff and other LSS staff regarding water chemistry parameters, filtration equipment adjustments and exhibit or habitat modifications
  • This is an experienced based unpaid internship


Semester                                            Deadline                                             Semester Dates for Internship

FallJuly 1September – December
SpringJanuary – April
SummerMay – August

Application Requirements

  • Desire to learn critical aquarium keeping skills associated with maintaining a diverse collection of Fish & Invertebrates including sharks, rays and live coral.
  • Desire to learn critical aquarium keeping skills associated with maintaining a diverse collection of marine mammals & birds including dolphins, belugas, penguins and otters.
  • Ability to perform basic tasks, such as making artificial seawater, and making minor adjustments that are associated with supporting all live animal exhibits from a water quality, habitat maintenance and filtration equipment operations standpoint.
  • Strong desire to learn how to operate and make minor adjustments to aquarium filtration equipment including automated control systems, and all types of filtration systems including sand filters and protein skimmers.
  •  Ability to learn the use of proper test equipment, including water quality monitoring equipment as well as the ability to learn basic equipment & hand tool operation.
  •  Above average computer skills. Proficiency with MS Windows & MS Office products is a must.\
  • Self-motivated and a team player.
  • Ability to: Lift and carry 40 lbs. Bend, stoop & kneel for long periods.
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