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As a friend of Georgia Aquarium, we’re happy to present you with exclusive, online-only discounts on a variety of Georgia Aquarium tickets, including general admission, Behind the Seas Tours and animal encounters. All tickets are subject to Georgia state sales tax and pricing is subject to change without notice.

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Discounted Annual Membership Options

A Georgia Aquarium Membership guarantees you and your family new thrills, adventures and fish-filled fun each time you visit. Members can take advantage of free and discounted admission to special events, discounts on Aquarium programs and more.

With all the discounts, membership pays for itself in just two visits — plus you’ll get access to member-only events like Member Appreciation Night.

Share the aquarium with Gift Certificates

Now you can share the aquarium with gift certificates for any occasion. When you give a Georgia Aquarium gift certificate, you give the gift of adventure.

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Georgia Aquarium Introduces Virtual Tours

Sit back and enjoy guided virtual tours through Georgia Aquarium’s galleries and behind the scenes areas. Take a dive into Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot, swim in the lakes and rivers represented in Southern Company River Scout or explore the chilly unknown in Cold Water Quest. Curious to see how we brought the oceans to Atlanta? Peek behind the curtain on our Behind the Seas Tour.

[{"id":29025,"name":"The Megalodon Shark (Otodus Megalodon)","psids":""},{"id":24682,"name":"Beluga Encounter","psids":"115948,138759"},{"id":19421,"name":"Shark & Ray Interaction","psids":"95889,111857,138132"},{"id":8612,"name":"All Programs & Experiences","psids":""},{"id":6695,"name":"Sea Lion Encounter","psids":"98946,115341,142758"},{"id":3158,"name":"Journey with Gentle Giants \u2014 Dive","psids":"111860,133229"},{"id":3054,"name":"Sleep Under the Sea","psids":""},{"id":3052,"name":"Under the Boardwalk","psids":""},{"id":3042,"name":"Dolphin Presentation","psids":"110323,133353"},{"id":2279,"name":"Penguin Encounter","psids":"115340,140225"},{"id":2275,"name":"Harbor Seal Encounter","psids":"116679,139492"},{"id":2270,"name":"Sea Otter Encounter","psids":"128105,141324"},{"id":938,"name":"Journey with Gentle Giants \u2014 Swim","psids":"93713,112331,134927"},{"id":902,"name":"Dolphin Encounter","psids":"100562,111859,135352"},{"id":886,"name":"Behind the Seas Tour","psids":"111473,132722"}]

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