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Support Shepherd Center patients participation in the Swim With Gentle Giants program at Georgia Aquarium as part of their rehabilitation by purchasing a raffle ticket for our Georgia Aquarium Violin by Antonio Barajas.

Antonio “Tonny” Barajas is a Mexican-American artist based in Mexico. The son of Mexican parents and raised in Georgia, Tonny values, appreciates and feels part of both cultures. Some time ago he began to capture images on violins as a hobby. The Georgia Aquarium violin came as a tribute to a place he admires and respects and as a thank you to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA. In 2018 Tonny’s grandfather suffered an accident and was rehabilitated at the Shepherd Center. After many months in therapy and with the help of the staff, his grandfather was able to return home. Tonny used his love for the violin mixed with his creativity to deliver a one-of-a-kind instrument that can be admired or played. The proceeds of raffle tickets for this instrument will be donated to the Shepherd Center and the Georgia Aquarium.

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Georgia Aquarium & Shepherd Center Violin Raffle

Georgia Aquarium Violin by Antonio Barajas:

  • Georgia Aquarium & Shepherd Center Raffle
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Antonio “Tonny” Barajas

About the Artist:

Antonio “Tonny” Barajas’ is currently working on the project “México en Violines.” This project will consist of 29 violins, five violas, and one cello (a total of 35 instruments) that will each represent one of the states that make up Mexico. His work is a walk through the history of Mexico, and it leads us to encounter the captivating places and history of Mexico from its roots. Among abstract faces, traditional and historical figures relevant to each state it is representing. The question that started the project was: What is Mexico? Most of the responses were mariachi, tequila, and tacos. The answer provoked his interest in investing more of his free time to learn about Mexican culture and that of its states. The results were an incredible combination of culture that is similar to and at the same time vastly different within his beautiful country.

The first goal of “Mexico en Violines” is to create infographic art embodied in each violin. In this project, Tonny is utilizing the most important elements that represent each state. The second objective is that people who live in these states can identify themselves with the images that are on these violins. In addition, foreigners can see the incredible diversity that exists in Mexico through these images.

Along with the strokes and images, Tonny also enhances the materiality of the violin, as he turns this material artifact into an artistic and informative piece of art.

In his spare time, Tonny enjoys taking trips to the lake to clear his mind and listening to music. You can also follow more of his work in social media:

( Instagram: tonny_caudillo // website: www.tonnybarajas.com // email @ tonny.barajas@gmail.com )

Shepherd Center

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