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As a part of our phased approach to reopening, we are excited to share a new version of our Dolphin Presentation, called Dolphins in Depth.

This is specifically designed to better accommodate our social distancing requirements.  Dolphins in Depth is a 15-minute presentation which will allow for extra theater cleaning to happen throughout the day.

In this Dolphins in Depth Presentation, you will still be able to witness the beauty, athleticism and intelligence of these amazing creatures; you’ll just get to do it with plenty of space between you and the next guests. This is because we have greatly reduced number of guests allowed into the theater.

You will be able to reserve seats for the Dolphins in Depth presentation when you are on site.  To allow for proper social distancing in the Dolphin Theater, seating is very limited and still first come, first served.  You have the choice to guarantee your seats with our $5 Preferred Seat, or you will be able to reserve your seat at no cost with our seat reservation system.


Dolphin Presentation 3

You'll Get To...

  • Observe Dolphin Behavior

    Watch and learn as dolphins display natural behaviors.

  • See Our Trainers in Action

    Get a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a dolphin trainer.

  • Get Splashed

    Sitting in our designated “Splash Zone” just may get you doused with water!

  • Learn How to Train

    Become educated on what it takes to train a dolphin behavior

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Animal Fact

It has been determined that dolphins develop a specific "signature whistle" within the first few months of life and that this signature whistle remains the same throughout their life. Individuals use their unique whistle to communicate identity, location and, potentially, emotional state.

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