Teacher Resources

Based on feedback from teachers, students and parents, we have created this resource page to assist teachers and students alike in learning more about the aquatic world through fact sheets, lesson plans and other resources.

Georgia Aquarium is a dynamic STEAM ecosystem rich with endless learning opportunities for all ages! Please bookmark this resource page for ways to incorporate the aquatic world into your classroom. Check back with us regularly as we are always updating content. If you have used Georgia Aquarium as an extension of your classroom, we want to hear about it! Feel free to reach out to education@georgiaaquarium.org or share your work with us on social media @GeorgiaAquarium.

Check out our new interdisciplinary curricular materials designed for grades 3-56-8, and 9-12! Each set of resources includes an overview of Georgia Aquarium, inquiry-based lessons for each gallery, games and puzzles, and additional resources. Connecting Georgia Aquarium to your classroom is easy: please reference the end of each package to see curricular connections to Common Core Math and English Language Arts standards, Next Generation Science standards, and state-specific standards for Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Other Resources We Recommend

  • Field Guide — Engage your students through exploration and active learning using the background information and guided learning questions. Teachers: Print out these guides for your chaperones to use while visiting all the main galleries.
  • STEAM Forward — Our exciting new video series highlighting the variety of STEAM careers within our organization, featuring behind-the-scenes experts and corresponding curricular material.
  • Animal Guide — Animal facts by gallery
  • Lesson Plans — Plans for grades K – 12, including our new sea lion lesson plans!
  • Web Resources — A listing of federal, state, and nonprofit organizations with information, lessons and activities focusing on the aquatic realm
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