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Georgia Aquarium’s habitats hold over 10 million gallons of water and more than 100,000 animals?! How do you think companies like Georgia-Pacific and their 35,000 employees from all over the world balance the needs of their customers – lumber for homes and schools, paper for books, boxes, tissues and towels – with the protection of endangered forests and conservation of forest diversity? What kinds of careers exist at institutions like this, and what skills do you need to get those jobs?

Steam Forward 2

Have you ever wondered what all of the animals at the Aquarium eat or what it takes to keep all of their habitats clean?

Georgia Aquarium + Georgia-Pacific

In response to these types of questions, Georgia Aquarium and Georgia-Pacific are partnering together on an exciting new video series called STEAM Forward! This free educational resource designed for middle school students highlights the variety of STEAM career pathways that exist within our organizations by peeling back the layers of our operations and meeting the experts behind the scenes. The STEAM Forward series directly responds to

one of the most important questions a student can ask: Why am I learning this? The series and corresponding curricular materials are designed to increase proficiency in STEAM subjects by reinforcing the content being learned in the classroom, and to inspire students to study STEAM subjects in school and pursue careers in STEAM fields.

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