Summer Camp H2O
July 1-3

Jul 1

Summer Camp H2O

Campers will spend the week engaged in fun and exciting activities! They will discover interesting facts about our aquatic friends and their habitats, as well as explore the wondrous ocean ecosystem. All Aquarium galleries and presentations are included.​

Please see below to determine which camp your little minnow should join this summer!

Please Note: Camp will be closed July 4th & 5th in observance of Independance day.

STEAM Starts with Me

Ages: 5 – 7 years old

Here at Georgia Aquarium, STEAM starts with me. STEAM is all around us, and our July summer camp will provide campers with the chance to engage with the 5 pillars of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. As campers dive into the aquatic world of STEAM, they will be able to participate in engaging activities that allow them to think more critically about the world around them. They will also build their skills as young scientists as they learn to confidently make connections between the integral fields of science and nature.

Sailing into STEAM

Ages: 8 – 10 years old

Climb aboard explorers and join us as we examine the wonders of ocean exploration. Have you ever wondered who the first ocean voyagers were, or how they made their way through the perilous seas? Set sail as we uncover the challenges voyagers face and how they overcome them using science, navigation and engineering. Experience behind-the-scenes realms, learn how to navigate the seven seas and put your STEAM problem-solving skills to the test in the most sea-worthy adventure of the summer.


Ages: 11 – 13 years old

Imagine you are facing a seemingly impossible problem, where would you start? Engineers begin by brainstorming unique solutions, designing prototypes and testing their creations. Assemble your tools and get ready to use the engineering design process as we implement aspects of STEAM to address climate change and aid in conservation efforts, such as fighting habitat fragmentation or exploring the deepest depths of the ocean. Campers will implement the engineering design process to discover eco-friendly solutions for some of nature’s most puzzling predicaments, all while drawing inspiration from the natural world. This summer, revel in the wonders of the marine world through the eyes of an engineer.

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