Summer Camp H2O
June 10-14

Jun 10

Summer Camp H2O

Campers will spend the week engaged in fun and exciting activities! They will discover interesting facts about our aquatic friends and their habitats, as well as explore the wondrous ocean ecosystem. All Aquarium galleries and presentations are included.​

Please see below to determine which camp your little minnow should join this summer!

Astonishing Adaptations

Ages: 5 – 7 years old

Animals have acquired unique adaptations over time to keep up with their ever-changing environments. Some of these specialized adaptations include camouflage, vocalizations, specialized vision to see at night and blubber to withstand frigid temperatures. By the end of the week, campers will have explored and made connections between the different adaptations that animals have developed for their survival. By engaging in hands-on activities that teach about these various adaptations, campers will become experts on the wide world of animal adaptations.

Fossil Friends

Ages: 8 – 10 years old

Take a walk through Georgia Aquarium with modern-day dinosaurs! From megalodons to ammonites and T. rex to trilobites, campers will investigate the ways that these amazing animals evolved into the animals that call Georgia Aquarium home. With models, expert talks and hands-on activities as their guides, campers will uncover the past of prehistoric species. Experience behind-the-scenes tours, come face to face with modern descendants of ancient organisms and explore the wonders of our animal presentations.

Mad Science

Ages: 11 – 13 years old

Have you ever wanted to know what forces are at play in ocean habitats? Or how animals survive in extreme habitats? Then get ready for an explosive camp experience! Explore Georgia Aquarium in a whole new light as we dive into the weird, bizarre and unusual phenomena in our oceans and aquariums across the world. Campers will discover surprising animal adaptations, develop engineering skills and demonstrate fascinating physics that help explain the world we live in. This week will be full of messy, fascinating and intriguing science activities and challenges, so grab your lab coat and goggles and discover your inner mad scientist.

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